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ATEX and IECEX Certified RTDs

We wanted to let customers know that SDL is fully accredited to design, manufacture and supply Pt100 RTD and Stator Winding Sensor assemblies for use in hazardous areas to zones 0, 1 and 2. While the company has been certified for a few years, as this side of the business has grown we have seen increased interest in our Ex/IECEx products. In this area, our design and manufacturing experience has proved invaluable to clients.

Ex/IECEx Certification ensures that sensor products manufactured by SDL are certified for various explosion proof and intrinsically safe areas for a wide range of temperature measurement applications with a variety of seals and terminations. The certification covers conformity requirements for most of the planet.

In the European Union, equipment must be certified according to the Ex Directive, 2014/34 EU. This applies to new equipment, components, safety devices, controlling devices and regulating devices. It also applies to used equipment which is being imported for the first time into Europe.

In North America, equipment is subject to appropriate approvals in accordance with relevant safety requirements. IECEx is generally accepted as a basis for equipment intended to be installed in zoned areas.