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UKAS Calibration Laboratory

UKAS Accredited Temperature Calibration Laboratory

We calibrate all makes and models of temperature sensors in our fully equipped in-house calibration laboratory UKAS certificated and fully traceable to national standards. SDL’s experienced technical team ensure the highest levels of service and accuracy, working closely with clients to offer a cost-effective service with a quick turnaround.

We calibrate a huge range of standard and bespoke temperature measuring devices for clients across the transport, chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and energy sectors.


Traceable Calibration

Our laboratory calibration equipment is tested and fully traceable to UK national standards and NIST and we use established documentation procedures in the calibration process. We issue fully traceable calibration certificates, and if required printouts of the interpolated results, tailored to the type of calibration required, all of which document our procedures, the equipment used and the uncertainty of each measurement.

UKAS Calibration

SDL’s in-house laboratory is UKAS accredited to ISO/IEC17025:2017 (UKAS Lab No. 0171) for the measurement of resistance thermometers and electronic thermometers within the temperature range of -85°C to 650°C. UKAS (The United Kingdom Accreditation Service) is the national accreditation body for UK organisations that provide calibration, testing, certification and inspection services.

As one of the UK's oldest established labs, we are well respected in the industry and undertake calibration and trouble-shooting for other laboratories.

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Fixed Point Temperature Calibrations

We also provide Fixed Point Calibrations with the lowest possible measurement uncertainties, down to ±0.6mK. These include:

  • Triple Point of Water
  • Freezing point of Tin
  • Freezing Point of Zinc

UKAS Calibration Lanoratory

Talk to a Technician

Our highly experienced technicians can advise you on the best approaches for the most demanding of applications.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my equipment calibrated?

This is completely at the discretion of the customer and is solely their choice. There is no right or wrong timeframe as long as the user can justify the timescale and have evidence to back this up.

Typically, most customers will go for a 12-month calibration period.

Can I have standard calibration?

As such, there is no standard calibration. The calibration to be performed will be dependent on the application the thermometer will be used for and at what temperatures the customer wants to use the thermometer. For example, if a thermometer is to be used over a 300°C span from -50° to +250°C, we may recommend a 4-point calibration at -50, 0, +100 and +250°C. These measurements allow us to calculate CVD coefficients and interpolate the results for at any other points within this temperature range. If the customer requires ITS90 coefficients for the same Temperature range we may recommend 5 points -50°C, -40°C, Tpw, 100°C & 250°.

When can I send equipment to SDL for calibration?

It is always best to contact SDL prior to sending your equipment to us. This way we can look at allocating a convenient time slot to carry out your calibration, so you are without your equipment for the least amount of time as possible.

Has my equipment passed or failed calibration?

A customer may have a criteria or specification that their equipment must meet. This is acceptable as long as there is a decision rule agreement in place between the lab and the customer prior to work beginning.

Description UKAS calibration with accreditation to IS0i7025:2017 SDL in-house calibration to national standards
Industrial PRTs (PT100) over the range -85 to 650°c  ✓
Reference thermometers (25 Ω SPRTs)  ✓
Temperature indicators & thermometers as a system over the range -85 to 650°c  ✓  ✓
Temperature transmitters over the range -85 to 650°c (4 to 20mA output)  ✓
Electrical simulation of temperature on temperature indicators and loggers ( for RTDs and resistance)  ✓